Terms and Conditions of sales - RMA
  1. Order must be fully paid in advanced. No goods reservations before payment.
  2. Prices are fixed with EX WORKS and valid only for today. Shipping fees are not included, and will be calculated manually.
  3. If you want to use PayPal as payment option, you must ask for instructions first - as additional fees apply!
  4. All prices are without VAT (unless stated otherwise). VAT will be added according to the local laws.
  5. Only USD or EUR payments with "OUR" disposition are possible. All bank's fees must be paid by customer. The only exception is EU-payments in EUR which can be made with SHA disposition.
  6. Only TNT shipping service is possible. Other shipping methods accepted only when fully arranged by the customer.
  7. No responsibility for internal procedures of shipping companies or damage during transport!
  8. No refunds possible! Over-payments can be used only for next orders.
  9. Maximum 12 months limited warranty is provided. If customer dissemble units without prior agreement, the warranty will be void and repaired at customers expense only.
  10. Factory defects will be repaired free or exchanged for the same or similar goods. All shipping fees must be paid by the customer.
  11. RMA is done per email as needed. Complete RMA form needs to be sent us for confirmation before shipping.