ALFOplus80HD 1 GBit

80 GHz 1 Gigabit Microwave radio link including 30cm antenna, PoE Injector, 100m outdoor ethernet kabel and all necessary connectors for installation.

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Key features for ALFO+ 80HD Radiosystem

  • up to 64 QAM
  • Operating frequency range E-Band 75-85GHz (one SB only)
  • channel size 250 MHz, ETSI conform
  • adaptive modulation ACM/AMR
  • adaptive transmitter power control ATPC
  • direct antenna mounting without waveguide
  • HP Carrier Grade Transmitter with high MTBF
  • MEF compliant certificate
  • Full outdoor
  • Support for SyncE and IEEE 1588v2
  • PoE+ power connection (up to 50m with Cat5e)

This set contains a complete microwave radio system with all necessary equipment

  • 2x all-outdoor ALFO+ 80HD ODU
  • 1000 Mbps, 250MHz Channel, ACM and ATPC
  • 2x 60cm ETSI Class 3 antenna from RFS
  • 2x AC/DC HighPoE Injectoren with integrated lightning protector
  • 2x grounding clamps for outdoor ethernet cable
  • 2x Amphenol connector kit for water seeled ODU connection
  • 4x RJ45 connector for outdoor ethernet cabel (SIAE certified)
  • 2x Aligment cable
  • 100m outdoor ethernet cabel (SIAE certified)
  • Warranty 3 years for ODU


Regulary delivery time between 4 and 6 weeks in Europe